1. By using this stresser you are responsible for what you are using it for. You have to stick with the laws from where you come from,remember you are responsible for your own actions and a reminder that stresser is a stress testing networking tool.
2. Moneyback is not provided if you purchased a plan and wanted to return your funds.
3. All sales are final.
4. We are not responsible for your actions.
5. Do not abuse or could be banned.
6. Do not login using a VPN or Proxy, This isn't strict but may be seen as account sharing.
7. You cannot stress test any educational or government websites.
8. You cannot share your account with ANYONE. Each account is limited to 1 person per account.
9. You cannot stress any servers that you don't have consent to stress.
10. This tool is for educational purposes only.
11. Changes on the site of tariffs, attacks, methods, TOS can occur without warning and agreement with the client.
12. You are fully responsible for your account, in case of loss of the PIN-code, we are not obliged to help with its recovery.
13. There may be technical works on the site at any time up to 2 days without notifying the user, in this case, a moneyback is not provided.
14. We do not guarantee that all the targets you need will be able to down.